SOUL makes it easy. Instead of guessing which of the essential nutrients your body needs each day. Now you are able to get them in one easy and delicious supplement. However, below are some answers to some common questions that you might have.

What makes black cumin so special?

That’s a great question with an answer that has been in development for over thousands of years. Many cultures have revered the black cumin seed as an effective remedy for many different ailments for thousands of years! The secret is in the seed’s chemistry. These seeds are chock-full of healthy and nutritive elements that help promote a strong and effective body. Elements like antioxidants, enzymes, Omega-3, and Omega-6

Can I just add some black cumin seeds to my diet and experience the same benefits?

Unfortunately, no you cannot. In order to tap the full potential of this exceptional seed, it needs to be processed correctly. Most manufacturers use a high temperature extraction processed combined with harsh chemicals that drastically reduce the seeds effectiveness. Rain International’s cold-press process extracts ALL of the nutrient rich oils and flours needed. Not only is our process better, it is also certified organic and chemical free.

What other seeds and nutrients do you use?

In addition to the almost ‘magical’ black cumin seed, we include a proprietary blend of black raspberry seed, grape seed, trans-resveratrol and D-ribose. Thanks to our extensive research, we have found that using these simple ingredients provide an optimal (and delicious) supplement full of the nutrition your body needs!

Why use seeds?

Why not! Simply put, seeds are the foundation for life. Seeds have been the basis of health for thousands of years. Cultures even worshiped seeds for their healing and nutritive powers. Thanks to our research, we’ve been able to take these nutritive values and apply them as the foundation for each of our supplement products

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